Studio B Details

A 400+ square foot facility that includes a 192 sq. ft. tracking room perfect for overdubbing instruments and tracking vocals. The control room is equipped with a mix desk, Pro Tools 11 HD, and Genelec and KRK monitors.

Studio B also contains Orb's Amp Wall, along with a selection of Mic Pre's, Outboard Gear, Effects Racks, and Microphones. Click below to see more.

Control Room

  • Mix Desk Setup
  • Tonelux FX2's
  • Tonelux SM2
  • Genelec 1032's
  • Genelec 7070A
  • KRK Rokit 6's
  • Apple Mac Pro computer with Protools 11 HDX2

  • Plugins from:
    Antares, Celemony, Cytomic, Lexicon, Massey, McDSP, Native Instruments, Slate Digital, Sound Toys, Universal Audio, and Waves Audio

Mic Pre's

  • KRK Rokit 6's
  • API 512C's
  • Avalon Design AD2022
  • Universal Audio 2-610S
  • Vintech 73i's
  • Shadow Hills Industries Mono GAMA
  • Avid PRE


  • Universal Audio LA2A
  • Universal Audio 2-1176
  • Avalon Design AD2044
  • Empirical Labs EL8X-S
  • Retro Instruments Sta-Level
  • DBX 165A
  • TAPI 2500


  • AKG D 112
  • AKG 414's
  • Rode NTK
  • Royer R-121's
  • Schoeps CMC64 ST
  • Sennheiser MD 421 II's
  • Shure SM57's
  • Shure SM58's

Live Room

  • 20-Foot Ceilings
  • Floating Hardwood Floors
  • Fabric Wall Baffles
  • Ceiling Diffusers